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“The details of my life are quite inconsequential.” – Dr. Evil

My name is Andy.  In some circles I’m known as Lippy.  You may call me either.

In my first triathlon I swam in a skimpy Speedo, rode a mountain bike with knobby tires and 5 working gears, and ran in lacrosse shorts.  Ten years and three bikes later, I have competed in triathlons of all distances, represented Team USA at Worlds, qualified for Kona, and discovered swim trunks that are significantly less revealing.

Post-Speedo race duds

Some of the people for whom my musings may be of interest include:

  1. Friends and family.  You are on the hook to follow me, and you will be quizzed on the details of my life periodically for good measure.
  2. DC-area triathletes.  Have I participated in a race you are considering?  Check out my race reports.
  3. Competitors. Interested in my PRs?  Check em out here.
  4. People with undemanding day jobs and/or prisoners with internet access.

So what is this “Pain Cave”?  Per Urban Dictionary, it is a “grueling physical workout intended to make you a better athlete.”  It is where I go during my threshold workouts at Hains Point, during sets of 100s at Masters swimming, and during the afternoons my co-worker blasts smooth jazz out of her cubical.  After so many years of training, and perhaps at the onset of insanity, one learns that pain is no longer something to be merely tolerated, but it serves as an essential ally.  Approaching a race, I remind myself of Mr. T’s timeless quip:

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